Rational use of electronic locks

2018-10-18 15:54:23 admin 4

At present, the fingerprint lock on the market to fingerprint, password, mechanical key three in one to open the use of electronic lock function, fingerprint lock installed, in three open methods are qualified after testing, in general, no longer use mechanical keys. Cipher keyboards will be used frequently, but the situation of using password to open doors is also rare. The function of cipher is mainly to power up, so as to open the door with fingerprints. From the point of view of the rationality of the design, the function of the password is very good. If the password is input incorrectly, the fingerprint lock will not be powered up. First, the fingerprint will not be used. Second, the power is saved. Fingerprint lock as the name implies is to use fingerprint to open the door, the cost of living fingerprint is zero, fingerprint is their own, how to use will not appear reasonable and unreasonable problems.

Therefore, as long as the fingerprint is used to open the door, it can ensure that the fingerprint lock health "longevity", will not lead to frequent fingerprint lock failure, will not affect the normal use of the fingerprint lock, will not shorten the life of the fingerprint lock, will not make the fingerprint lock damage.

In addition, environmental factors in different areas will also have an impact on the life of fingerprint locks, such as temperature and humidity, air pressure, pollution, light, rain and snow and other factors are also very large. When purchasing fingerprint locks, one should not neglect the environmental factors in which one is located, but should choose the suitable fingerprint locks. Many manufacturers have shown that their products are resistant to harsh environments, but it is the best way to make a decision after comparing and testing.

Maintenance is an important link to prolong the service life of fingerprint lock. Reasonable maintenance method can effectively prolong the service life of fingerprint lock. We must do a good job in the daily maintenance of fingerprint lock, so that the fingerprint lock to maintain a good technical status; to correct use and operation of fingerprint lock, reduce and prevent human error caused by fingerprint lock failure. It is necessary to maintain the fingerprint lock regularly and reasonably, keep it clean and clean, check the technical status of the fingerprint lock regularly, find out the abnormal and deal with it in time, fasten and adjust the loose and misaligned parts in time, and replace some vulnerable parts preventively.