Management plan of office door lock

2018-10-18 14:33:22 admin 11

Dragon Brothers Management Scheme Dragon Brothers electronic lock and electronic key are programmable, managed by Dragon Brothers software. Lock / key not software realizes data communication through AES128 bit high security encryption technology.

The Dragon brothers solution can not be duplicated and can be combined with RFID technology.

Dragon brothers management dragon brothers lock drilling, anti prying and anti technology open. It protects the unauthorized key from the safety of the drill lock core in the lock.

Dragon brothers management plan 1 the key opens 100000 locks.

The Dragon brothers management scheme can provide different access rights to key for different door locks.

The temporary privileges of the Dragon Brothers Management Scheme keys reduce the risk of losing or stolen keys, and can also be blacklisted to solve the problem of losing or stolen permanent privileges keys.

The Dragon Brothers Management Scheme has built-in memory chip, which saves the last 1000 entries and exits (time/date/user ID number) of locks and keys, and can be downloaded/viewed/exported from the Dragon Brothers Software Management System.

The Dragon Brothers Management Scheme requires no wiring and maintenance, and is powered only by keys, so it is easy to install and remove door locks according to building and design requirements.

The Dragon Brothers Management Scheme does not require external power supply for locks, and all locks, including padlocks, can be used outdoors (such as doors, warehouse parking) and indoors (such as front doors, indoors, small doors).

The key to the Dragon Brothers Management Scheme can be connected to a USB encoder, a VPN / network connection to an IP encoder, or a 3G network connection to a laptop.

Dragon brothers management program brain programming can easily assign key permissions, security control access control.

Dragon Brothers Management Solutions in software can easily identify key users through pictures, ID cards, names or other related information.

Dragon brothers management solution dragon brothers solutions are as follows:

Access control system = who controls where and when to enter or leave.

Key management system = add / remove / edit any key / lock / user at any time in the system.

Attendance system = to confirm when and when to enter or leave.

All incoming and outgoing programmes can be used indoors / outdoors / places.