Director and Chief Engineer: Mr. Rocheff has been engaged in the overall planning, design and manufacture of electrical, radio, electronic instruments and electromechanical products for more than 30 years. He has obtained 5 patents in China (including 3 patents for locks), and has rich experience in developing complete sets of products.

Director and Chief Designer: Mr. Roche Zhong, who has been engaged in the design and manufacture of machinery, locks and fixtures for more than 30 years, has obtained 22 Chinese patents (including 14 locks and 1 International patents), and is also the leading inventor of locks and fixtures.

At present, the company may be the domestic "electronic lock" and "electronic lock" field has the most patents, the most varieties of enterprises, but also a few domestic can independently complete from the design, research and development, production series of special, special, universal passive electronic lock enterprises.

The company recently launched the "micro-power passive electronic lock head" is the world's leading patent products, it will accelerate the emergence of China's mechanical locks to upgrade the level of electronic locks in the industrial and civil fields to expand the wide application.